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The architectural idea of this space is the fusion of forms. Having created an unusually shaped cylinder that rhythmically punctuates between hollow and solid structures, we decided to reproduce this and create an architectural formula. In this space there are no illogical joints in this space – one volume continues another and smoothly flows into one more, creating a single, integral design.

Due to gaps, a lot of light enters the building, which makes it even more visually voluminous. From one height to another, you can easily move by stairs following the shape of the walls.

The key idea behind this design is to create a variety of spaces that vary in openness and enclosure, while different levels of platforms guide visitors through the building, creating a memorable journey. Visitors can discover visual connections between the different levels and enjoy the calming environment, water, and landscape from various viewpoints.

Size: L – Pavilion
Price: from $7000

How use it

This space with platform structures can be used for exhibitions, meetings, festivals, discos, and product advertising. The corners offer visual versatility, allowing for different types of events to be held, with outdoor areas suitable for lively gatherings and indoor corners for private exhibitions.

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