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Nine Tales

Nine Tales

Welcome to our architecturally intriguing space template where technology, community, and artistry converge. The space features a captivating “9” shape, with two connected floors and a curvelinear platform. At its core, a gracefully embraced sculpture draws attention and also serves as an audience attraction, providing a venue for hosting lectures, delivering presentations, and gathering colleagues and like-minded individuals.

The intentionally designed showroom plays with shapes that offer a truly unique and unexpected journey with every turn, creating an immersive experience that reflects the essence of gamification. Along the way, they can engage with interactive displays showcasing that showcase captivating visuals and provide in-depth information about creators and the event itself. The interplay of light, materials, and spatial configurations creates a dynamic environment, so that visitors can experience the seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality.

Size: L – Pavilion
Price: from $7000

How use it

This space can be used for exhibitions, workshops, networking events, performances, conferences, and community engagement. The unique design creates an environment that enhances any event or gathering.

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