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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Made as round shapes connected to each other, this space has four articulated zones that are visually united. The space is divided into three functional areas under a canopy, connected by a square in the middle and a slightly extended podium that continues outside the building and is a great place to fit your brand’s logo.

An easy restyling of each similar area for versatile purposes makes the space creative. One of the areas is organized for meetings – you can discuss business or share impressions of the event. Due to the clear layout of the showrooms and interacting with the circle, it is easy for people to navigate in space.

Mixing the main bright colorway and gloss results in a playful atmosphere, while decorative neon lines highlight the podiums with the product.

Size: S – Showroom
Price: from $4000

How use it

This space is ideal both for advertising of a product and for various exhibitions, where entirely different atmospheres can be created in each corner, but in one space.

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