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We have designed a showroom model like a water bubble, immersing visitors in a wonderful underwater world. Its ambience reflected the depth of a sea, and visitors imagine themselves beneath the water.

The main idea of this model is to display your collection in a circle, surrounded by the beauty of the deep ocean. Through the architecture, we have made this space spacious and serene with light and translucency. A long podium, taking you to the center of the space, and a large round space with stairs made for presenting your product. You can put your screen with a presentation in the center of a space, and push the visitor to appeal to the story of the creation of your brand collection.

Size: S – Showroom
Price: from $4000

How use it

This project is distinguished by its extraordinary shape and unique decoration features. Your brand should be ready for fashion experiments and bring the unique message using this space.

Next steps

After choosing the template the next step is to collaborate with our team to ensure every aspect of the template reflects your distinct identity and captures the essence of your brand — from custom color schemes to logo integration and arranging your images and texts, we'll bring your unique vision to life. Check our guide

Next step
to personalize your space

Contact us. Share your business vision, ambitions, and curiosity with us, and our architects team will tailor the chosen template to your precise desires, design code and marketing support from our partners.

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