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Ice Age

Ice Age

This pavilion represents a unique architectural structure that embodies the atmosphere of the Ice Age. The pavilion’s structure consists of layered shells, creating diverse intimate and open spaces. This approach prevents visitors from feeling bored during their time in the pavilion, as the spaces smoothly captivate them, revealing new perspectives of the architecture.

The movement within the pavilion is organized in a spiral, allowing visitors to intuitively understand which direction to move in the new space while experiencing the dynamism and complexity of the architectural form. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the atmosphere. It emphasizes the building’s shape and draws the viewers’ attention to the exhibits. Through lighting effects and their interplay with the pavilion’s architecture, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of the Ice Age, experiencing its cold beauty. This virtual space offers a unique emotional experience for guests, combining attractive design, dynamism, and interactivity.

Size: L – Pavilion
Price: from $7000

How use it

This exhibition pavilion can be used for art and history exhibitions as well as educational programs and workshops related to the Ice Age and other relevant themes.

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