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This design captures the essence of the wind’s movement. Although the wind is always changing, we perceive it as something still. The pavilion reminds visitors of this unique quality of space and transforms their virtual experience.

Inside the pavilion, visitors are immersed in a journey, the structure showcases the beauty of the wind through its curves, patterns, and shapes. As visitors explore, they can feel the wind gently touching them and see how light and shadows play with the space. This template is a combination of art, innovation, and nature. It shows us that architectural design can be dynamic and meaningful, inviting us to experience a new way of looking at the architecture in the metaverse.

Size: L – Pavilion
Price: from $7000

How use it

The pavilion can serve as an exhibition space for showcasing art installations, sculptures, or immersive multimedia experiences. Its unique design and interplay with light and shadows can enhance the visual impact of the displayed artworks.

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