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This design captures the essence of the wind’s movement. Although the wind is always changing, we perceive it as something still. The pavilion reminds visitors of this unique quality of space and transforms their virtual experience. Inside the pavilion, visitors are immersed in a journey, the structure showcases the beauty of the wind through its …

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This is a versatile exhibition space template in the metaverse, a limitless virtual world where projects can be realized without physical constraints, attracting as much demand as real-world spaces. The design form revolves around a continuous spiral composition, encouraging exploration and interaction with exhibited objects through semi-transparent elements. Visual solutions play with perception, merging paper …

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The location is designed mostly for beauty and fashion brands and consists of a main pavilion and three additional exposition zones. The brand’s products can be explored through photo and video posters displayed inside the main area and on decorative stands located in all pavilions. In the main space, there is a platform with a …

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Ice Age

This pavilion represents a unique architectural structure that embodies the atmosphere of the Ice Age. The pavilion’s structure consists of layered shells, creating diverse intimate and open spaces. This approach prevents visitors from feeling bored during their time in the pavilion, as the spaces smoothly captivate them, revealing new perspectives of the architecture. The movement …

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The project aims to create an extraordinary space, free from real-world constraints. It utilizes splintered pieces of an unknown material as the main building elements, resulting in unique architectural forms. The composition is highlighted by blue and white colors, creating a sense of movement in the buildings. The central pavilion stands on legs, spiraling inwards. …

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We have designed a showroom model like a water bubble, immersing visitors in a wonderful underwater world. Its ambience reflected the depth of a sea, and visitors imagine themselves beneath the water. The main idea of this model is to display your collection in a circle, surrounded by the beauty of the deep ocean. Through …

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Sweet Dreams

Made as round shapes connected to each other, this space has four articulated zones that are visually united. The space is divided into three functional areas under a canopy, connected by a square in the middle and a slightly extended podium that continues outside the building and is a great place to fit your brand’s …

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Spiral Tent

A multi-layered, intricate space from outside has a silhouette of a big tent, but appears as a combination of two spirals when approaching. The entrance to the space can be crowned with a large-scale logo in the center, and the podium on the ground floor is surrounded by water. It serves well for meetings and …

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Orchid M

This Orchid building in M size, inspired by the organic symmetry of an orchid flower, features a two-floor design. It is divided into five equal parts, with “flying” walls that elegantly organize the central square. Visitors can access the space from the ground floor, passing underneath the sculptural and dynamic form. Upon entering the main …

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Orchid S

The space has an organic symmetrical shape and is inspired by orchid flower geometry. It is divided into five equal parts, with ‘flying’ walls, organizing the main square in the middle. Visitors can approach the space from the ground floor, going under this sculptural and dynamic form. Entering the main space, they can see all …

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