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ATRIUM Virtual Showroom

We’ve developed this project on the W3RLDS platform that allows to create hi-fidelity Metaverse spaces for web browsing. ATRIUM Virtual Gallery present the latest works by ATRIUM studio. This architecture and design studio works globally with projects, clients and employees spread all over the world, now they can use this space to organize meetings, share project updates and socialize. The architecture of the gallery is an experience in itself, it manifests studio's innovative and technologically driven design approach.

Design of the gallery was a challenging task for the architects, as they wanted to emphasise their original design approach in the virtual environment. Instead of structural limitations they had to follow other rules such as 3D model size, textures resolution, polygon count etc. As a result they’ve ended up with a curvilinear cave-like space that is carved around the exhibiting pieces. Among the projects on display you can find a model of a big residential skyscraper, designed in 2017, another residential complex constructed recently, as well as two fine-furniture pieces. The platform also allows you to see them in augmented reality using your phone, to test how these pieces could fit your interior.

“With this virtual gallery we wanted to give visitors an instant feel of being in one of our projects and understand our design approach. The website is still the main tool to show our portfolio, however in the metaverse you can engage with the models of our architecture or furniture in 3D. We would invite our colleagues and clients and everyone who is interested to visit the space, and arrange guided tours to meet people in person. We are planning to update the collection in the gallery so it would be interesting for people to come back.” says Sergey Nadtochiy, art-director & partner of ATRIUM”.

Around the space, you can see two pieces of bespoke furniture: Fusion plywood shelvings and River bar table, that you can also view in AR to fulfill your interactive experience.