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DEIP Metaverse City

DEIP Company and its partners faced a challenge when they wanted to showcase their latest achievements. So, we came up with an idea to create an amazing event in a virtual world. Our main goal was to highlight DEIP’s progress by dividing the presentation into 5 parts, each with a different architectural style. You can visit the space right now via this link!

We designed a metaverse city with various spaces like galleries, boulevards, exhibition areas, amphitheaters, mazes, and tunnels. It’s a fun and interactive environment where visitors can explore and discover hidden surprises. This presentation was wrapped in several layers: informational, with information about the company and game mechanics, exhibitions, social and interactive ones. On the other hand, this is a simple and intelligible space, but somewhere a user can wander in this variety of architectural objects on its way. There are towers in crypto-punk aesthetics, small elements and passageways. Together, they shape the all-round and detailed Deip Metaverse City environment.

One of the key ideas of the project also was to place art objects. Together with Wang Contemporary Gallery we presented the Jeff Koons limited edition Balloon Dog (blue), 2021 sculpture in a space, right on the opening day. By doing this we’ve created a more versatile experience and made the space interesting to explore even after the event.

Another highlight was an interactive maze where participants collected diamonds for bonuses. And the finale featured an animated collider in the amphitheater, representing the launch of a new DEIP protocol. After the presentation, attendees had the chance to freely explore the space and interact with the company’s founder.

The impact of our project was impressive, on the opening day we made three 20-minute shows visited by 150 guests invited by DEIP’s team and guided by their founder, and for the next three months the space was visited by 4,000 people, exploring the space by their own. It also received media coverage from 72 publications, including Cointelegraph. Participants collectively covered a distance of 1,300 meters, showing how meaningful this event was in bringing people together and gaining recognition.

In conclusion, the virtual event in the metaverse created for DEIP Company and its partners was a resounding success. We proved that it is important to create interactive marketing in the metaverse for your company, because this event captured the attention of thousands of participants, received widespread media coverage, and showcased the potential of the metaverse as a dynamic platform for innovative presentations.

The project was development in collaboration with Balagan creative agency and W3rlds / Arhead platform.

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