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SOMNIUM Fashion Space

We were very proud to be invited by Somnium Space, one of the leading crypto-metaverse platforms today, to create a space for their Fashion Show in 2022. It became so successful that the platform has decided to keep it even after the show, visitors can access the 377 parcel and use VR glasses with the PC client installed. But for those who want to see the space through browser right now, you can enter it via this link!

Our main focus during development was to create a unique and captivating fashion space that showcases the most stunning outfits for the Metaverse. The space features podiums with over twenty avatars designed by various creators, as well as a runway where models showcase their outfits. One of the standout features was the phygital fashion show in TESLASUITS, combining an in-person fashion show in Prague with a virtual broadcast that could be viewed within the virtual space.
Versatility was a key aspect of the fashion space design. The 3D model was prepared to accommodate different scenarios, and additional content could be loaded inside. The entry zone featured portals that transported visitors to other fashion worlds created by different designers. Our team also provided art consulting to ensure that all the fashion showrooms aligned with a united concept.

The overall experience was carefully curated to tell a compelling story that unfolded throughout the event. From the moment visitors entered the fashion space until the grand finale, every detail contributed to an immersive metaverse experience. As a reflection of the growing trend of digital ownership, many objects within the space were available for purchase as NFTs, allowing visitors to take a piece of the virtual fashion world with them. In line with our goal of inclusivity, we made sure the fashion space was accessible to everyone. We uploaded it to a cross-platform platform, enabling users to explore the space through web-based interfaces regardless of their device or location. This approach allowed us to reach a broader audience and introduce advanced techniques and technologies to individuals who may not have previously experienced the Metaverse. To sum up, this space represents a culmination of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity. With stunning avatars, a fancy runway, phygital integration, and cross-platform accessibility, we have created an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of what a fashion show can be. For your convenience, we have now transitioned this incredible fashion space to the W3rlds platform. Regardless of your device or location, you can easily join us and become a part of this extraordinary experience.

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