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SOMNIUM Fashion Space

The project was created for the Somnium Space metaverse platform, which is one of the leading crypto-metaverses nowadays. You can enter this fashion world through the 377 parcel. For visiting it, people should use VR glasses and install the PC client to enter there.

While developing, that was the main point covered – to create a unique fashion space showcasing the most amazing outfits for the Metaverse. In addition to that, there were podiums with more than twenty avatars designed by different creators, and the runaway, where models were showing the outfits. A 3D model was assembled as technically ready for different scenarios, and other content could be loaded inside. Also, there were portals in the entry zone that bring the visitors to other fashion worlds created by other designers. Our team took a huge part in art consulting while creating other fashion showrooms, so that together they represent a common concept.

The story of the event was completed as complex metaverse experience from the very beginning till the end. Meanwhile, lots of the objects located in the space were purchased as NFTs.

For making this space accessible through the web, what isn’t a problem for the most of the people with the Internet, we copied this space on the W3rlds metaverse platform, which opens in 10 seconds. Thus, we explore and drive the issue of cross-platform solutions and use different metaverse platforms to bring advanced techniques to the audience.