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The Other World — Fashion Showroom

We are excited to announce our participation in the Metaverse Virtual Fashion Week 2023! In collaboration with designers James Kadine and Ivan Svanberg, we are presenting the fashion collection, ‘The Other World’. The virtual environment, designed by Dearch Space, is a perfect fit for their innovative and cutting-edge fashion line.

Explore the space right now via this link!

This fashion collection showcases the incredible possibilities of digital fashion and how it can transform the industry. With unique designs and advanced technology, we aim to make a lasting impression and revolutionize fashion as we know it.

Dearch Space has created a stunning virtual showroom called ‘Sweet Dreams’ that highlights its collection in the most charming way. The space features stylish avatars and engaging images of the collection from every angle. Visitors can explore the showroom, interact with the avatars, and get detailed descriptions of each outfit by moving closer.

The central area of the showroom is a meeting place for visitors to connect and share their thoughts about the event. There are also portals to other virtual destinations by Immersive KIND, allowing visitors to continue their fashion journey seamlessly.

This collaboration represents the next step in the fashion industry’s embrace of the metaverse. As digital fashion becomes more popular, it is crucial for brands to create engaging virtual spaces to connect with their community in new and exciting ways.

At Dearch Space, we are known for our bespoke virtual architecture projects. For this project, we used one of our template spaces, which you can find on our website. This approach allowed us to create a highly detailed and tailored environment for the event in a short time, making it more efficient and cost-effective for brands to create their own unique spaces.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Dearch Space to showcase ‘The Other World’ in this amazing virtual environment,” said Kadine James, one of the famous metaverse creator and organisator of this event. “The space perfectly complements the creativity and innovation of our collection.” says James Kadine.

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