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Templates templates are a pre-designed virtual environments that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Our designers will work with you to add your company’s branding, product assets, and make other modifications you require.

  1. Affordable Solution: cost-effective way for businesses to establish a presence in the Metaverse.
  2. Customizable Design: Our in-house designers will work with you to create a unique virtual environment that accurately represents your brand.
  3. Quick Turnaround: Our template allows for a faster turnaround time, so you can start taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Metaverse as soon as possible.

Retail solutions

Transform your digital retail experience with our custom Metaverse space for retail. Explore a virtual shopping environment tailored to your brand, offering limitless product showcasing, immersive customer engagement, and seamless transactions, all in a vibrant and interactive virtual realm. Benefit from:

  • Enhanced customer reach and engagement in a captivating virtual environment.
  • Expanded product display capabilities to showcase your entire inventory.
  • Interactive product visualization that allows customers to explore and interact with your products in a dynamic and immersive virtual environment.

Real estate solutions

he best way to show a property to a client is to invite them inside. Discover our Metaverse space for real estate developers, where you can showcase virtual twins of your properties, conduct immersive property tours, host exclusive events, and maintain a curated gallery of your real estate projects. Benefit from:

  • Interactive property tours with detailed information for an engaging client experience.
  • Exclusive virtual events and presentations for journalists to highlight your projects.
  • A centralized gallery within the Metaverse to conveniently exhibit and explore your entire real estate portfolio.

Events and shows

Experience extraordinary virtual events and shows with our custom Metaverse space. From intimate gatherings to grand productions, captivate your audience with immersive environments. Collaborate with trusted partners for remarkable success.


  • Tailored virtual spaces to suit events and shows of any size, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Immersive environments with stunning visuals, interactive elements, and seamless audience interaction for an engaging and memorable experience.
  • Strategic collaboration with marketing agencies and our partners to ensure your event reaches the right audience and achieves remarkable success.

Collaboration with Metaverse Platforms

Unlock the full potential of your Metaverse platform with our collaborative expertise. We specialize in creating exceptional virtual experiences tailored to your platform’s unique needs. From custom virtual architecture design to high-quality content production, our team is dedicated to helping your platform thrive. Take advantage of our comprehensive support services and let us elevate your Metaverse offering to new heights.


  • Tailored virtual architecture design that enhances the functionality and appeal of your Metaverse platform.
  • Expertly crafted content production to engage and captivate your platform’s users.
  • Comprehensive support services to guide you through every step of the Metaverse journey. Elevate your platform and seize the opportunities of the Metaverse today.

Metaverse Architecture Biennale

The First Metaverse Architecture Biennale, titled «Presence of the Future», would unite the best creators from all over the world to manifest the significance of architecture and design for the metaverse. For one month, two metaverse platforms, Decentraland and W3rlds, would showcase bespoke projects and ideas and become a place to speculate about an immersive virtual environment, meet co-thinkers and formulate the vision of our future! Among the participants are well-known architects invited by the curators, as well as new talents chosen from proposals submitted to an open call. The culmination of the Biennale would be the opening week, where educational and entertaining events, lectures and discussions with leaders of the metaverse and design industries would be organized.

The event will be organized by, Metancy, W3rlds. More information is coming soon.

Inspiration & news

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual architecture through our Metaverse Inspiration section. Discover insightful guides on choosing the right Metaverse for your needs, stay updated with the latest news and trends in the Metaverse realm, and explore our company’s latest groundbreaking projects.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive guides to help you navigate the Metaverse landscape and choose the ideal platform for your unique requirements.
  • Stay informed with the latest news and developments in the dynamic world of the Metaverse.
  • Get inspired by exploring our company’s portfolio of cutting-edge projects, showcasing the endless possibilities of virtual architecture.

Education & Community

Immerse yourself in our Education & Community hub, connecting with industry professionals and enthusiasts. Access workshops, tutorials, and guides to deepen your understanding of virtual architecture and the Metaverse. Benefit from shared expertise, innovative tools, and collaborative learning.

  • Connect with a passionate community of industry professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Access workshops, tutorials, and guides for deepening your virtual architecture knowledge.
  • Benefit from shared expertise, innovative tools, and collaborative learning opportunities.